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Our mission is to deliver and easy access to safe, fresh,tasty seafood and agricultural products, and make everyone smile.  We pursue local and traditional good oldtaste to the table.



Name Aji-no Kaiodo Co.,Ltd
Representative President  Ichiro Maki
Address 〒031-0842 4-1-1,Misakidai, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori
TEL +81-178-33-7623
FAX +81-178-34-2959

Best Seller

Sembei-Jiru , Sembei



Nanbu Senbei, flour crackers are consumed not only for a snack but also as a staple diet & alcohol side dish in the southern part of Aomori. Senbei-Jiru is a soy sauce broth with vegetables, fish, meat and mushrooms adding cracked Nanbu Senbei in it. Crackers for Senbei-Jiru are plain called “Otsuyu-Senbei”. The best texture of Senbei in Senbei-Jiru is chewy like “al dente” in pasta.



“Senbei” is Japanese rice crackers.


2016 Aomori Food Fair in Uwajimaya Exhibitors