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Yamayo delivers fresh seafood products such as vinegared mackerel and salted squid, Shiokara. “Clean environment, clean product,”  is our motto, under HACCP certified sanitation and maintenance program. Our approach to producing the finest marine products for a world constantly seeking healthier food options. Located in the port city of Hachinohe, one of the largest fisherman’s wharf in Japan, Yamayo Co. Ltd. products begin with premium, fresh caught fish. Under the clean environment, we deliver “OISHII AOMORI”




Name Yamayo Co.,Ltd
Representative President  Kenji Machida
Address 〒031-0801 4-10-24,koyo, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori
TEL +81-178-24-3211
FAX +81-178-24-1783

Best Seller

Vinegared mackerel(Shimesaba),Matsumae style pickled squid sashimi

Vinegared Mackerel(Shimesaba)

Fresh fatty mackerel locally caught in the best season. We identify quality by professional, on top of using couple special measurements to double check the quality. Mackerel caught near by Japan has refreshing sweetness to its fat makes it tasty.
Products made in HACCP certified facility and product line.


Matsumae style pickled squid sashimi

Enjoy solidity texture of fresh seafood from Hachinohe Port. Hot pepper will stimulate your appetite. Simmered and pickled with fresh squid, kelp, and seasonings. Delicate squid intes- tines, salted yet slightly sweet. No preservatives and artificial colorants are used. Excellent with rice and sake.
Products made in HACCP certified facility and product line.

* What is HACCP?  HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards.


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