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Kashiwazaki Seika Co., Ltd.

logoEstablished in 1991, Kashiwazaki Seika brings you the latest tastes from classic Aomori agricultural products from radish, burdock, garlic to yam. All of the fresh vegetables are naturally cultivated under top food safety standard. Out of standard vegetables are also reborn with his love to the food, environment, and people. In addition to popular dried, fermented and crafted products, derivative seasonings from garlic soy sauce, powder garlic, garlic miso, yam chili oil and many more are also offered.



青森県産「にんにく」を使用した高付加価値商品「熟成おいらせ黒にんにく」の開発は、弊社の進むべき方向を示す大きな原動力となっ ております。「第1回ものづくり新世紀青森元気顕彰」や「第16回あおぎん賞」など、数々の賞を受賞いたしました。「熟成おいらせ黒にんにく」が大きな成 功をなし得たのは、皆さまとの出逢いがあったからこそです。

素材供給がメインだった事業内容も、一次加工の際に出る端材を利用した多彩な商品開発へと進化してまいりました。青森県産の大根を 使った、県内初の「切り干し大根」や「切り干しdeサラダ」は大ヒット商品となりました。更には、ごぼうを乾燥させた「スライスごぼう」に続き、黒にんに くにヒントを得て開発に乗り出し、国立弘前大学のお力添えをいただき商品化が実現した「黒ごぼう」も加わり、その販路は確実に拡大しております。

今後は取り扱い農産物の拡充はもとより、野菜加工残渣ゼロを目標に乾燥技術の向上を図り、更なる新商品の創出に努めてまいります。 また、首都圏への青森県産野菜の販路拡大にとどまらず、「食=健康」をテーマに、出逢いの場を世界に広げ、日本そして我が県青森を発信していく所存でござ います。



Name Kashiwazaki Seika Co.Ltd.
Representative CEO Shinichi Kashiwazaki
Address 〒039-2116 54-1 Akido, Oirase, Kamikita, Aomori
TEL +81-178-56-5030
FAX +81-178-56-5432

Best Seller

Oirase Black Garlic、Kiriboshi-daikon、Dried & Sliced Burdock、Burdock Tea

Oirase Black Garlic
Oirase Black Garlic is slowly fermented and aged through our proprietary manufacturing process.The distinctive odor of garlic has been suppressed and a sweet and fruity taste has instead been realized.Take the recommended intake of about one or two cloves daily by simply peeling away the skin and eating them.
Cut thickly, so it has nice texture. After soaking in water, it is good for traditional stewed dish and delicious on salads too! It is also excellent with canned tuna and scallops. Recommended as an ingredient for making mixed rice. The texture of our kiriboshi daikon radishes is very particular and it has special firmness by cutting the daikon radish into thick pieces. It is a sweet and delicious dish that bring out the good taste of Aomori-grown daikon by drying.
Dried & Sliced Burdock
Dried chips made from burdock roots grown in the rich soil of Aomori Prefecture. It is easy to use! Just put them in a pot without soaking. Enjoy the unique flavor of the Aomori burdock roots with rich dietary fiber.
Burdock Tea
Using the burdock produced in Aomori prefecture and our own unique process, we have developed a new functional food, Black Burdock. Through the joint research with Hirosaki University, it has been confirmed that the new burdock food exhibits such health-promoting functions as antioxidizing effect, suppressing the rise in the blood sugar level after a meal, suppressing damage to the liver caused by alcohol, etc. This tea is manufactured by blending Black Burdock and dried and roasted aromatic burdock tea and then finished by roasting it again.

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